Constant Improvement of Quality

Öznur Defense / Aviation provides service to its customers in the domains of manufacturing, quality control and mechanical assembly. Öznur Defense/Aviation has been working with many defense and aerospace industry firms as well as providing solutions for product demands from other non-military industries.

Öznur Defense/Aerospace which prioritizes customer satisfaction first in its operations has human resources of high quality with technically equipped and well trained staff suitable for its mission and vision.

Öznur Defense/Aerospace believes in the necessity of technology for success and uses the latest technology means of production for this purpose. Öznur Defense Aerospace which is dedicated to renew itself at all times against rapidly changing technology provides service with its cutting-edge-technology machinery park.

Öznur Defense/Aerospace with its existing production infrastructure and developing technology is capable of manufacturing all kinds of parts in various dimensions with fine tolerances.

Due to the extensive experience, know-how and state-of-the art technology, Öznur Defense/Aerospace took place among the important companies in Defense and Aviation Industry.

Öznur Defense/Aerospace also contributes to the design development of customers by collaborating with them in the design and development phase of the component to be manufactured. To this end, shows the best practices of solidarity and teamwork with its highly-educated, experienced and dynamic technical staff.

Mechanical Assembly Experience

Öznur Defense / Aerospace has developed mechanical assembly activities in order to meet the major sub and major system requirements of its customers and delivered their major sub and major system deliverables. Functional tests of such systems are performed and reported as per customer requirements.

High Precision...

Öznur Defense/Aerospace, with a corporate culture that places great importance on quality, has 3D Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) to maintain high precision in manufacturing.

Within the context of changing customer demands, measurement of all parts and reporting of such measurement results are performed. According to the customer requirements the first article inspection activities are performed as per AS9102 standard successfully. In addition to the measurements, the leak test is performed successfully in compliance with the design requirements.